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Tanya Gadiel MP,
Parliamentary Secretay for Police,
Level 35,
Governor Macquarie Tower,
1 Farrer Place,
Sysney, NSW 2000.

Dear Tanya,

Re: Being killed by Police.

I have just received a warning (see below) that I might be killed when the Sheriffs trespass upon my property (see the email below the warning).

I do appreciate that corruption and treachery are on a scale unparallelled in Australia's history and the stakes are extremely high.

Because of BANK FRAUD and JUDICIAL CORRUPTION, the Australian People are losing their Laws and their Liberties and, indeed, their Nation.

The RIGHT TO TRIAL BY JURY is the crucial factor, as it has been for centuries, and that is why the Criminals and Traitors are so determined to wipe it out.

In the email below to the Sheriff of NSW, I have made my intentions clear to ward off trespassing persons in uniform.

Because of the sheer viciousness of the evil-doing Banks and Judges, those trespassing Sheriffs will probably bring Police Officers with them, with guns.

When I turn the hose on the trespassing Sheriff's Officers, the Police Officers will move on me and arrest me.

That I do not mind because, at the hearing of charges against me, I will again demand my RIGHT TO TRIAL BY JURY.

I would like your assurance that I will not be shot and killed by Officers of the NSW POLICE FORCE (ABN 43 408 613 180).

The denial of the RIGHT TO TRIAL BY JURY is TREASON because it is a DENIAL OF DEMOCRACY.

It is also the denial of JUSTICE and the RULE OF LAW.

My website ( tells this story.

Yours sincerely,
John Wilson.

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To: John Wilson
Sent: Tuesday, July 01, 2008 9:04 AM
Subject: Re: Sheriffs Trespassing

Dear John,

Please be most careful. They have the "guns," and
you have the "right," but it is not "accepted" by them.
This is a LIFE threatening situation. I had a
friend who was killed because of this confrontation.


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From: John Wilson
To: John Wilson
Sent: Monday, June 30, 2008 2:24 PM
Subject: Sheriffs Trespassing

Date: 1st July, 2008

Sheriff Chris Allen,
Office of the Sheriff of New South Wales,
Level 2, Downing Center,
143-147 Liverpool Street,
Sydney, NSW 2000.
Tel: (02) 9287 7263
Fax: (02) 9287 7222.

Dear Sheriff Chris Allen,

Re: Do you really want to destroy Truth, Justice, Freedom and Democracy?

Apart from your Officers assaulting Ray Lovett at the Blacktown Local Court last February, here is another reality for you to face.

Last Thursday, at the NSW Supreme Court, Queen's Square, Sydney, yet another KANGAROO COURT (Matter File No: 012130/08) was conducted with "Associate Justice" Harrison disregarding my inalienable Right to Trial by Jury and disregarding the legal procedure of my Challenging the Jurisdiction of the Court. She bulldozer through the 15 minutes in a pre-planned fashion to unlawfully award a Writ of Dispossession against me. I suggest you obtain an audio recording of proceedings.

Now, I put you on notice that if any of your Officers come onto my property at 331 North Rocks Road, North Rocks, with any false and unlawful documents, such as a "Notice to Evict", etc., they will be trespassing. I will order them to leave and, if they don't, I will turn the hose on them.

I have already had to repel your Officers on a pervious occasion when they tried to serve a fraudulent document from a Kangaroo Court (see ).

All the Courts in Australia belong to the People for the administration of Justice .... which is "the protection of rights and the punishment of wrongs". They do not belong to the Banks or any other corporations or entities. They belong to the People - for People to go there for redress and remedy of disputes, and for protection against bad laws, oppression, corruption and thieves.

According to one section called "Mission" on your website, "The Mission of the Sheriff's Office to protect the New South Wales justice system.", and another called "Vision" says "Our Vision is that: all participants in the judicial system can access their right in safety; the public trusts the integrity of the jury system; the community is confident that the orders of the courts deliver justice; and our people are well trained and highly motivated to achieve our Mission", etc.

And yet you allow Judges and Magistrates to disregard People's Rights and favour criminals by aiding and abetting fraud so that their victims are destroyed.

By your not arresting these "Judges" and "Magistrates" (in inverted commas because their appointments are lies, ie: Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second of the United Kingdom has no executive power in Australia and, therefore, she does not, nor through any "representative", commission these individuals) your inaction, you are party to the Treason and to the perverting of the course of Justice.

Please contact me on (02) 9872 1661 so that we can meet and resolve this very serious situation.

Yours sincerely,

John Wilson.

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